Tongue-Tie & Lip-Tie Revisions 

Welcome to our dedicated page for understanding and treating tongue-ties and lip-ties, where we address your concerns with compassion and expertise.

What is a Tongue-Tie? What is a Lip-Tie?

A tongue-tie occurs when the band of tissue under your child’s tongue restricts movement, potentially impacting feeding, speech, and oral development. Similarly, a lip-tie involves a tight band of tissue tethering the upper lip to the gums, which may affect breastfeeding and can lead to gap teeth.

Identifying the Signs: What Does a Lip-Tie Look Like?

Lip-tie symptoms often go unnoticed. If you’re curious about what a lip-tie looks like, it may present as a tight membrane visible upon lifting the baby’s upper lip, potentially causing issues with feeding. In toddlers, a lip-tie may be recognized by difficulty in clearing food residues during eating or challenges in articulation.

The Path to Relief: Lip-Tie Surgery and Tongue-Tie Surgery

Our experienced team is skilled in tongue-tie laser surgery and lip-tie surgery, utilizing the latest techniques for minimal discomfort and rapid healing. We provide a thorough evaluation to determine if your child’s symptoms relate to a lip or tongue-tie and discuss the best course of action.

Waterlase Laser

  • Waterlase is cleared for numerous dental applications that can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients. One of the Waterlase’s greatest strengths is how precise it is!
  • During many procedures, managing the soft tissue can be problematic if it begins to bleed or respond unpredictably. With Waterlase dentistry lasers, achieving hemostasis and controlling the surgical zone are as easy as tapping a pre-set on the laser’s touch screen. Most importantly, laser soft tissue surgery minimizes pain, discomfort, and anxiety.
    • Stress-free frenectomies – predictable and without local anesthesia!
    • Help parents during a stressful time, creating lifelong patient relationships.
    • Perform everyday soft-tissue procedures with less aerosols, less vibration and little-to-no anesthesia

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help address your child’s tongue-tie or lip-tie, ensuring they’re on track for a healthy, happy smile.

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